Stem cell cream bottle

Stem Cell Cream

Skin Aging And Stem Cells

Cosmetic science always takes  inspiration from potential medical breakthroughs. And The stem Cells, for keeping the youth and freshness of skin, comes as the latest, in the field of Medical and Anti Aging science.

Now, The world of anti aging research knows and accepts the fact that stem cells  are almost endlessly renewable cells that have the capacity to regenerate everything from organs to skin to nerves . Each new day brings what seems like another use for stem cells. So, in any way  it is not possible to avoid the use of potential of stem cells in the field of skin care.

The idea of using plant stem cells, mainly from Swiss Apple Fruit, has been met with both excitement and scepticism.

Over the past few years, more and more facial creams have been introduced into the world of skin care and anti aging. All of them claim to minimize the appearance of  lines and wrinkles, and to slow down, even reverse, the course of aging.

Stem Cell Cream

The stem cell cream, is the second revolutionary medical miracle for skin care, from Biotex, after stem cell peel, with the help of nano technology .

It contains  Stem-cell extracts, from Green Apple which has highly potential and long living stem cells. The stem cell cream is enriched with growth factors, phyto nutrients, peptides, anti oxidants  and other signaling chemicals, which will penetrate into the deeper layers of the  skin to rejuvenate it from the bottom.

This unique cream with  high potency Green Apple stem cells, is formulated specifically to protect and refresh  your own skin stem cells. As a result, it promotes the self-renewal capacity of the skin and helps in  tightening of  sagging skin and postpones lines and wrinkles. It will increase  the soothing and defensive properties of the skin.

The cream is a wonderful source of growth factors like, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors(VGFs), Epidermal Growth Factors(EGFs), Fibroblast Growth Factors etc.

The spectrum of these signaling molecules will stimulate the skin cells  to produce more epidermal stem cells, Blood vessels, collagen and elastin. It will give the skin hydration and freshness, making all the dark marks to fade away. .  As the cream can stimulate  cells of all the skin layer, it can play the role of a complete skin protector and regenerator.


Useful For Treating-

  • Aged and Wrinkled Skin
  • Pigmented and Tanned Skin
  • Age  Spots and Freckles on the Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone and Dull Skin


  • Lightens skin colour and Brightens dull skin
  • Reduces, and postpones lines and wrinkles
  • Slows the signs of aging and decreases the depth of wrinkles.
  • It revitalizes and hydrates dry skin

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