The most common Hyperpigmentation due to hormone imbalance is melasma. While there is a definite genetic component to the disease, it is generally triggered by hormonal changes.

Melasma occurs when the Melanocytes are stimulated by abnormal levels of progesterone and estrogen, due to  pregnancy, menopause or use of Oral Birth Control Pills. If Melasma affects epidermis, the discoloration will be darker and if it affects dermis, the change will be lighter. when both the layers are affected, it leads to give an appearance of mixture of darker and lighter pigmentations.

The colour and size of the dark spots and patches on the skin, show changes according to the layers  where the damages are  actually happening.  As the available peels in the market are able to eat the upper layer only,  without reaching  the internal layer damage, and leaving the skin to heal itself , they are having limitations in their actions and regenerating power.

Stem cell peel, being a biphasic peel, has two phases of action to reach out  the maximum depth possible.

The gentle application of liquid phase into the skin will  remove the outer layers of dead and accumulated skin cells by exfoliation. This help in removing or fading the discoloration in the skin.

The solid phase will  encourage collagen production helping new cells to grow and tightening the skin. This will result in a more even, healthier, glowing, fresher, younger looking skin tone.

Almost all the types of skin damage due to Hyperpigmentation can be treated with Stem Cell Peel. So any part of the body, which is tanned and pigmented, like hands, back, neck and on the whole body itself, to get a renewed and refreshed skin.

The growth factors and stem cells present in the cream phase of the peel will encourage the  skin layers to produce more and more new fresh cells giving the skin new glow and softness. As new capillaries are also formed, the cells will be healthier , as they get more nutrition.

The use of regenerating moisturizer and strong sun protection are also advised to go on with the glow and freshness. The underlying cause of hormone imbalance  is also  should be treated to prevent further recurrence of the patches and spots on the skin.

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