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Marks & Scars


Scarring is a biological part of the body’s repairing and healing process after an injury.  A scar is a permanent patch of skin that grows over a wound.  They are of  of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin cells after a wound happened to the skin. Every wound results in some degree of scarring.

Scars are formed when the underlying dermis is injured.  The scarring is created by fibroblast proliferation, as a reaction to the clot, formed on the injured place. The body forms new collagen fibers to cover it and is deposited in a circular and cyclic pattern.

The fiber is cross-linked and is having low functional quality than the natural collagen network. Scars are often thicker, as well as pinker, redder or shinier, than the rest of your skin.

The scar formation is associated with the nature of wound and wound healing. If the wound is healed within 2 weeks,  no scars will be formed.  If takes more than 2-3 weeks to get healed, it is likely to form scar. As the collagen is overproduced, it makes cross links  in the fiber arrangement, making the collagen densely packed which will eventually become inelastic.  The scar wall blocks the cell communication and regeneration, leading to separate tissue arrangement in the scarred area.

Types of Scars.


This occurs when the body overproduces collagen, raising the scar r tissue above the surrounding skin. They usually occur within 4 to 8 weeks after the injury the injury is closed.


These are more serious and bigger ones than hypertrophic scars. They can enlarge to outside of the original wound area also.  Eventhough they are not harmful , they can be itchy or painful in some people.


it has a sunken appearance, as there may be loss of fat or muscle tissue. This is often seen in scars of chicken pox, surgery or accidents.

Stretch marks

They are  also caused by injury to the dermis by sudden weight gain, pregnancy, growth of the body,


Stem Cell Peel in Scar Removal..


As the scar wall blocks the communication for a healthy regeneration of the cells in the healed area, scar removal was treated  as quite impossible for a long time, in the non-surgical way. Here with the double stimulation of a liquid phase and solid phase, the scar and its damaged surrounding areas are removed and new cells are starting to fill the wound, in a healthy way, by the stem cell peel, to make the skin clear.

The abnormal skin, in the scar is removed, so that normal healthy skin can re-fill the area to create a smooth, continuous skin tone.

The  miraculous nano molecules and stem cells, in the biphasic stem cell peel help to remove old skin and rebuild new skin, allowing skin lesions to be slowly dissolved and replaced by fresh, smooth skin. Thus they help your skin heal properly without new scarring.

Stem Peel, Being a biphasic peel, can exfoliate the unwanted and damaged cells, at the same time, can stimulate the healthy layer to produce more fresh cells. It will selectively remove the scar tissues with the help of lysing factors in them, and will stimulate the collagen to grow in a healthy way to re-fill the area.

The lysing factors activate some enzymes and immune cells that help remove damaged skin and lesions. This will dissolve most skin lesions when used over a period of time. As the skin is rebuilt with new cells and scars are getting removed, the elastic properties of the skin pull it into a smooth surface.

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